Harvester Shear

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Finish your land clearing jobs in-depth by uprooting and cutting roots, stumps, and biomass beyond the reach of your other land clearing tools. This attachment can also be used to split larger pieces of wood before sending it to shredding equipment.

  • Extreme Cutting Force;
  • High-quality steel;
  • Low maintenance.

Product specifications

The Harvester Shear is the ideal tool if your land clearing job requires you to leave no stump and no roots after the trees are removed. It’s robust design can dig deep and root out stumps and other biomass hidden beneath the soil. It can also be used to split larger chunks of wood into more manageable pieces that will fit in your shredding equipment.


Model FHS20
Carrier 15t - 25t
Weight lb (kg) 2680 (1218)
Opening in (mm) 39 (990)
Width in (mm) 15.75 (400)
Depth in (mm) 28 (711)
Pressure PSI (bar) 5000 (350)
Force (t) 30
Model FHS30
Carrier 25t - 35t
Weight lb (kg) 4640 (2110)
Opening in (mm) 55 (1400)
Width in (mm) 18 (457)
Depth in (mm) 37 (940)
Pressure PSI (bar) 5000 (350)
Force (t) 45


The harvester shear is available from 15 to 35 ton excavators.


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