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Here at Shearex, we proudly specialize in the design and fabrication of forestry and land clearing products. We know how tough forestry work is and we supply equipment that lasts and helps your business grow!

A Mulcher is a hydraulic attachment with a central part called a rotor that spins very fast. Attached to this rotor are cutting tools such as blade or carbide hammers. It’s used to maintain infrastructure, to create new lands and prevent forest fires.[by turning complete trees into biodegradable woodschips]

A tree shear is used to cut complete trees in one single action. It secures a tree with it’s upper part before cutting the whole trunk with a giant blade and hydraulic power.

Land management has always been around. In ancient times, it was common to maintain a forest to boost it’s yield of the best fruits, spices and building material. With the new advances in mecanisation, the most popular means of doing land management around electrical lines, pipelines, road and trails remains the mulcher with fixed blades rotor. Modern forestry mulching is an essential part of infrastructure and forest maintenance. It helps prevent accidents on the side of the road. It allows technicians to reach critical infrastructure for maintenance and repair. It can create fire breaks to stop forest fires.

You can pair the carbide blade and knives when working with stones and branches at the same time. Use the carbide blades on the sides of the mulcher head and the knives in the middle. Eat the tree up to maybe 1-2 feet from the soil than get it done with the carbide to protect your blade.

Shearex is part of a group of companies known as GRYB International. The other companies are : GRYB, Bateman manufacturing, Winkle Industries, Serco Loaders and E-trak. GRYB International is located in Victoriaville, Qc, Canada. At GRYB, we believe in being different, in challenging norms and fighting for what we believe is right. We are not just a group of manufacturers, a place to work or a range of products. We are your partner. We are the solution. We believe there is nothing greater than the success of those around us.